This is my reason!

This is my reason!
My daddy, Cesar Virtucio. He is my reason!

About LC4C

ABOUT ME: Carisa Virtucio

Hi! My Name is Carisa and I love to crochet!! When my family got news that my dad's cancer got worst I decided I wanted to do something positive instead of give in to my frustrations and anger. So, with that I picked up my favorite crochet hook and some yarn and started making caps. I had no idea that LC4C would go anywhere and I had envisioned myself just making a few caps and donating them to the local hospital nearby. I was wrong! Love caps has grown so much in the few short months and I couldn't be more thankful!

I have dedicated this project to making crocheted caps for those who have cancer. I started Love Caps in honor of my wonderful, amazing, talented, loving and caring father who is watching over me from up above! I am so glad he was able to see the birth of Love Caps...especially since he was, and is the reason for this cause! I feel so blessed for Love Caps' growth and for all the people I have met during this wonderful journey.


Love Caps 4 Cancer is dedicated to spreading love to those fighting against Cancer and giving them comfort in knowing that someone cares.
Each love cap is handmade and given a personal touch.

Our goal is to donate crocheted love caps to some local Bay Area hospitals, Radiation and Oncology clinic and more.

We welcome anyone who wants to donate handmade crocheted hats or yarn for this very rewarding cause.

Love caps are not only for those who are fighting against cancer, but are also for family and friends to wear to support their loved ones.

Also, Love caps are priceless...they do not have a price. Each love cap is a gift to those who are in need of them. However, if one felt the need to give a donation in exchange for a love cap that is welcomed. There is no set cost for is whatever one feels in his or her heart to give. LC4C gives thanks in advance for any and all donations! THANK YOU!

Feel free to email with any questions!

Thank you for stopping by!


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