This is my reason!

This is my reason!
My daddy, Cesar Virtucio. He is my reason!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lions Club's Crab Feed

This past Saturday was Lions club's crab feed. I went to help set up in the morning and it was a lot of fun helping and meeting more people. The dinner went very well and was also a lot of fun. I enjoyed meeting new people and more Lion club's members. Love caps had a display table with samples of love caps and fliers. It was a nice dinner. The food was good and everyone had a great time laughing and mingling.

I am so thankful that my friend William came with me! I appreciated it so very much!!

The Crab!

Money Tree! Raffle prize!


Lion President Leroy and the Mayor of San Leandro.

Ready for some crab!

LC4C's poster that another Lions club member made! =)

The famous yellow Lions club vest!

All set up! It looked great.

This love cap was one of the raffle prizes! I love how this love cap turned out!

LC4C's display table



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