This is my reason!

This is my reason!
My daddy, Cesar Virtucio. He is my reason!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I write with a heavy heart ...

Yesterday morning I learned that a sweet young girl (only 12 years old) passed away due to cancer. I will not post her name on here due to the privacy of her family. I am deeply saddened to hear of this lost. I had the privilege of spending some time with this precious girl and was able to give her a handmade love cap. When I heard about the sad news yesterday, my heart sank. I felt like crying my eyes out. I thought how unfair it is that this young girl's life was cut so short. She was so young, vibrant and all smiles. That's how I remember her...smiling! Even through the scariest time in her life, this girl smiled and was a ray of sunshine. With all this said, I have decided to name a love cap after her. Take a look.

This is "Sunshine". A dark purple cap with light purple trim and accented with a light purple flower. This was the love cap I made specially for her.

I choose to fight back:

Before my dad was diagnosed with cancer I never really gave it a thought. Of course I felt bad/sad for those who were impacted by cancer, yet I did not understand fully what they were going through. All this changed last July. Cancer suddenly made its way into my life without any permission and turned things upside down. After my dad was diagnosed it was as if cancer became an epidemic and everyone around me was being affected by this sickness.

It makes me so mad/sad when I hear another person has been diagnosed with this unruly sickness, however it makes me want to fight back even harder. I know that I can not personally eliminate cancer. That is unrealistic, however, it makes me more dedicated to Love Caps 4 Cancer's cause and mission. The mission to give love, compassion and comfort to those who are in the fight. I know I have said it before, but this is what Love Caps is all about...reaching out to those who are going through what is possibly the toughest journey in their lives.

So, I am fighting. I fight by continuing to donate love caps. I fight by participating in walks and events such as "Free to Breathe" and Relay for Life.
Will you join me in the fight? Find a way that best suits you to fight back! I challenge you, beg you and encourage you. It is definitely worth it!! And to those who are fighting back for your loved ones, family and self...I applaud you and thank you for your care and compassion! You rock!!

My dad fought and I continue to fight in his honor!

I also decided to name a Love cap after my daddy. This is "Soldier". My dad was the strongest man in my eyes and that will never change. "Soldier" is made out of army camouflage yarn.

Well, that's enough of my ramblings! Remember: Keep fighting, stay strong and BELIEVE!


  1. What a touching post. Yes I cried. Thank you for your dedication to LC4C. You are greatly used.

  2. Oh Carisa,
    You are such a great person
    love you



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