This is my reason!

This is my reason!
My daddy, Cesar Virtucio. He is my reason!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Another Farewell.

Last Saturday afternoon a good man was carried on to be with our precious Savior to a much better place. Vince held a special place in my family's heart. My dad and Vince were diagnosed with cancer around the same time and even though they barely knew each other they shared a common appreciation for each other because of their unfortunate fate with cancer.

Vince was a kind man with a big heart. Some may say he didn't look like it from his outer appearance, but his compassion spoke otherwise. While he was fighting and battling his own fight against cancer, he was so kind enough to ask about my dad, pray for him and even visit him in the hospital after my dad's lung surgery. All those things meant a lot to me and my dad. We were grateful for Vince's kindness and love for someone who he barely knew. They shared occasional small talks and exchanged smiles or handshakes. Their admiration for each other was evident. Vince got up at my dad's memorial and shared some real sweet things about my dad and that touched my heart!

Vince was one of the very first cancer patients I gave a love cap to. I actually made him a matching cap and scarf and he wore them faithfully. It made me smile every time I saw him wear them with pride.

I didn't spend as much time with Vince as I would have liked to but I definitely had him in my thoughts and prayers at a constant basis. I am so glad I was able to see him before he went on to his reward (Heaven). It was a little hard to be there by his bedside because it brought back so many memories, BUT I am still glad I was there. I know if my dad was alive he would have wanted to be there too so he could say good-bye.

Now, Heaven has gained another good man! Vince, please tell my daddy hello for me!
Enjoy your heavenly reward. You deserve it!

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